Conveyors safety rules

A conveyor belt or pedestrians prohibited by people, belt slipping a hand to pull the belt is strictly prohibited, to avoid accidents;
Two, the conveyor must be inspected prior to use part of the operation, the tape fastener and bearing device is normal, protective equipment is complete. Tape tensioner degrees

required before starting to adjust to the appropriate level.
Third, the belt conveyor should load start. Other operating normally before feeding. Prohibits driving after the first feeding.
Fourth, run the tape deviation phenomenon occurs, you should stop adjustment shall not be reluctant to use, so as not to wear edges and increase the load.
Fifth, several conveyor running series, we should begin the discharge end, the sequence starts. All normal operation only after the feeding.
Six, working environment and sent the material temperature not higher than 50 ℃ and below -10 ℃. Shall not be transported with a pH of oils and organic solvents constituent

Seven, the food conveyor motor must be well insulated. Mobile conveyor cables do not Luanla and dragging. Motor must be grounded reliably.
Eight, must be stopped before stopping feeding, unloading and other material on the belt to make deposits before parking.

The main technical parameters of the conveyor

First, the transmission capacity: conveyor conveying capacity refers to the unit of time the amount of material transported. In transport bulk materials, transportation of

materials per hour mass or volume calculations; during transportation into items, the number of pieces per hour transport calculations.
Two, scantlings: Conveyor belt width dimensions include components, slat width, hopper volume, pipe diameter and vessel size. These have a direct impact scantlings screw conveyor.

conveying capacity.
Third, the conveying speed: increase transmission speed can increase transmission capacity. In order to make the traction belt conveyor length pieces and large, the conveying

speed increasing day by day. But high-speed operation of the belt should pay attention to vibration, noise, and start braking and other issues. For the chain as a pulling


Conveyor, conveyor speed should not be too large to prevent increased dynamic loads. Simultaneous process operation Pipe conveyor, conveyor speed production process requirements

should be determined.
Fourth, the feed length and angle: transfer line length and inclination of the conveyor directly affect the size of the total resistance and the power required.
Generally based on the requirements of material handling systems, material handling location of a variety of conditions, the production process and material characteristics to

determine the main parameters.


Screw the origin and the advantages of small conveyors

Auger screw conveyor commonly known, widely used in chemical, feed, grain, food materials, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical and plastic industries walks a device, which

applies to granular or powdered materials walks degree tilt walks, Vertical walks, etc., which walks interval from 2

Meters to 70 meters, a variety of sizes from 120-600 type, materials are carbon steel and stainless steel. Particular specifications can be manufactured according to customer

demand. Shaftless spiral walks, etc.
 Features: First, the use of chain conveyor walks principle, structure easy to use and convenient. Second, the use of long life spring; walks and high efficiency. Third, the

whole block structure of local walks, no dust.

With the X45 and X45e conveyor launch, Flex Link will consume a small product line to a new height. X45 is a new small conveyors, can be easily integrated together with

machinery and equipment, in the filling, and packaging of consumer products division can save a small amount of space. Walks

Machine exquisite design makes subsequent processing of product disposal soft war stabilization, which helps to advance the efficiency and quality of product consumption levels.

X45 walks machine use, long life, easy operation, low tone.
Advanced 24-V driver installation and air treatment apparatus in a simple control device operation fragmented, thereby increasing consumption efficiency. Efficient machines and

conveyors PM initiated greatly reduce energy consumption. All equipped with RFID cargo tracking progress piecemeal conducive roller conveyor and automated quality assurance before


Deceleration conveyor means

You can use squirrel cage induction motor: This type of small motors, portable conveyor mechanical variable speed drives can be like the Department of Space is not the speed, the drive

may be small, light weight form; if reconnected gear (gear), then the multiplier effect. No brushes or commutator, so almost no

Requiring maintenance basis.
Can only be set in both circuit design, the speed of the motor can be inserted into gear transport, transformation to become infinitely variable.
In order to improve performance: speed control range, is (soft start stop) to adjust the set time is really smooth and soft to change speed, you can ensure that the entire smug,

helpful product safety, ensure quality.
Often able to play a role:
Low-frequency and voltage gear domain ID slowly rising frequency and voltage value, the start of direct commercial power and a good starting efficiency, from small and large

starting torque resulting current. Small heat motor result is that there are more frequent starting, stopping and harmless
 Bay forward or reverse gear control transistor switches from the phase rotation. This way than the previous phase main circuit wires through the switch means movable parts and

is not part of the friction, heat will be more effective, so you can come back to the horizontal (lateral) as the forward reverse

Transportation frequently enables remote command will be able to change the frequency to do so. Therefore, it is easy to select the most suitable working speed to the right to

Electrical braking deceleration, the motor will slow down the supply, the output frequency, motor speed will exceed the sync speed situation. When this state, the resistor is

not used, the motor still has 20% of the braking force of the degree of internal loss. Typically Turn conveyor constant torque load, it was quickly

Slow down, if not necessary, because there is no need to set any occasion most of the braking resistor. Braking frequency, particularly if the vector control using the low speed

mode, the speed control can be achieved with PG range 1:100 1:1000 'S as an alternative of the speed control operation.
Start and stop obedience: As speed, transmission speed, the material will be sent by the collapse of the conveyor, such as glass suddenly stops moving, then touching and glass

bottles, which may damage; but if the operation of the gear, as it is A low frequency start, so a small earthquake

Move, and the soft control.


Two conveyors face means the benefits

Two conveyors will be close to each other, wedge: wedge conveyor device consists of two face-transport mechanism into. Product feeds to wedge conveyor after. And clamped from

both the product, so that the product can be up or down horizontal conveyor. With manual crank can wedge member into

OK overall adjusted to provide for a variety of product size fast switching and flexibility. Products as well as products needed to grasp ways to make a mandatory requirement

for chain type, but you can Food conveyor transport of any product, such as aerosol cans, car parts, bottles, and even

To a paper towel roll
Product falls by gravity being sucked into a skid fossa. A wide variety of non-slip components, non-slip type: slip-type conveyor. Including roller, the product can remain in


Not only can the product upward, A lpine type: Alpine conveyor uses a series of zig-zag can be gradually increased to enhance the components. But also for high-throughput

applications of conveying a transfer line buffering capabilities.

Vertical lifting hoist to the top of the product, hoist formula: Located on the ground by a conveyor into product. Then at the top of its launch to a horizontal Screw conveyor. This

conveyor will transport products to the specific area, and the product to the next processing site. Hoist usually

The speed is not as critical for consideration of the small volume applications.

Conveyor bearing vibration how do

First, we have the hysteresis characteristics of the ordinary ball milling production.Ordinary characteristics, in order to better control the output, you must grind cycle

changes, the Pallet conveyor, such as the production of the desired particle size material flow.Besides humidity and abrasion resistance, etc.

Easy to change the material properties, and grinding mill liners and changes in the mill load (i.e. mill filling volume) control becomes more complex, the above factors

difficult.Changes under certain conditions, either the open or closed water grinding mill has best.If you can

To keep the mill load or fill a value or a range of volume, quantity of contents, the mill will enable the highest yield per unit of time, unit power consumption can be reduced

to a minimum, kept in top condition is the best, long-term stability run of the mill, grinding and sufficient to prevent air, indirect materials

Material, in order to prevent over-grinding phenomenon.
Mill equipment solution is an advanced production management system, the system sensing devices and two computing device processing parts.Captured milling parameter measurements

using sound, basic form is to capture the best material / balls per grinding than sound is usually the most Jia constant value.The best

Value does not change with the ball or the ball wear change.Advanced anti-crosstalk feature allows more than one mill will not work to achieve the best results when there are

too many errors.

A conventional analog multi-collection will greatly increase the cost of production because the original single analog wealth mechanical engineer to adjust the panel in the

development of high cost dual analog tuning panel, use audio and audio sensing and ground dual-sensor data to determine mill, the computer

And software investment in working condition, just need to do some programming and adjust the corresponding sensor, the command is added to the instruction set of dual analog

switch control, you can select the user to complete the production of the appropriate combination.

In addition, the current switch factory, generally use only a test parameter, which is the sound of grinding a warehouse; in the closed circuit mill, if a well-off hoist

grinding capacity, they can only be used as a control parameter in the Conveyor System w ability positions.Lo friction sound only restricts mill output

Increased friction sound with only one position and the necessary data such as sensor hoist two optional parameters control parameters.Other power back to the flow of powder,

mill inlet, outlet pressure, the main motor power, bearing vibration, vibration mill body in a certain conditions, can also reflect

The conditions inside the mill, but the lag time is too long or no fixed optimum value, you can not use automatic control.To end, wealth machine settings selected by the user

configuration of this section, if the user needs, you can install debugging; if the user wants cost, the device can be omitted


Select the bucket elevator factors to be considered when

Select bucket elevators need to consider the following factors:
To consider the type of material is lifted and the characteristics such as the bulk density of the material, abrasive, corrosive, fluidity, angle of repose, moisture,

cohesiveness, loose, brittle, temperature, and other effects bucket hoist material handling properties.
The ability of transportation of materials needed to t / h expressed.
The particle size of materials. Maximum block size of the material, the average particle size and bulk material the percentage of the total amount of material.
Lift height or head and tail wheel center distance.
Operating conditions. Installed indoors or outdoors, environment, corrosive, humid and dry degree, the hottest and coldest temperatures, dust, pollution and so on.
Work system. Continuous or intermittent operation (ie, required number of hours worked per day).

Bucket elevator machine type selection
According to the characteristics of the material being transported to choose the type of bucket elevators. Material Flexible Roller Conveyor is powdered or block, with or without abrasive abrasive, the

material can withstand the centrifugal unloading; or a slower conveying speed necessary to avoid damage to the quality of material. Therefore, the right choice of

Bucket elevator, the characteristics of the material being transported is the single most important factor. Can be determined according to the material used in the hopper is

mounted on the tape or mounted on the chain, and can be determined from the table using centrifugal discharge bucket elevators or gravity discharge of the bucket elevator. To

On the particular materials can be agreed with the manufacturer selected type.

Choice of the hopper
Was promoted to the material characteristics of the hopper itself, the shape and structure design great impact. Select the hopper can be summarized as follows: For abrasive

materials, requiring the leading edge of the hopper has high strength along the mouth, in order to reduce the material hopper when the digging wear; against high moisture

products and illiquid

Materials using high edge along the mouth of the hopper, which can achieve the maximum lifting capacity; for easy suspension of the material, the hopper should be drilled hole

to facilitate deposition of materials; easily bonded to the materials or viscous, the underfloor The shallow powered roller conveyor circular hopper, the material in the hopper can be reduced dead



How to control the conveying speed of the conveyor

Conveyor speed control
To prevent speed variation caused by belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and feeders and other damage, you need to set the safety switch. Due to overloading, belt

slippage or fracture occurring at a rate change, the switch should perform two functions, namely cutting system startup sound

Light alarm.
Speed ​​switch shaft through flexible coupling shaft connected with the conveyor for measuring conveyor rpm. At any speed setpoint changes increase or decrease in both the

switching action. As a typical system, when the drag chain conveyor speed changes will stop functioning, warning lights

Or start flashing alarm. Speed ​​switch can simultaneously perform multiple functions.
Speed ​​switch can use the following three modes.
Speed ​​reduction detection: detection speed should be set below the normal operating speed, when the operating speed drops below the set value, the output relay is de-energized.
Speed ​​detection: the detected speed should be set above the normal operating speed, when the operating speed exceeds the set value, the output relay is de-energized.
Zero speed detection: When the operating speed is close to zero (half turn per minute), the output relay de-energized.

Emergency stop
For most of the conveyor system, have a stop button for emergency stop in case of emergency. For longer conveyors, which normally takes along its entire length rope emergency

stop switch, start button will only be installed in the main control board.

System Control
Delivery system can be operated with a manual control (in the test or automatic control malfunctions during use) or by automatic control, automatic control available electrical,

electronic or pneumatic.
Control system design must be able to meet the operational requirements. Open to stop the program, interlock, time and records must meet the technological changes in the change.

Stop when troubleshooting system can operate independently of local disconnect. Most bulk solid materials conveying systems are used to make the system delay relay

In order to stop or start. System startup are generally in the control room.
Conveyor system must be set up between the devices in the cell electrical interlock. Set in the power control system electrical interlock, can any one conveyor system

malfunction or stop, it can automatically stop all feeding conveyor, also can ensure that before the start of either a conveyor, which

The pick conveyors are in operation.
When the material reaches a predetermined height of material level, the system will automatically cut off; stop the star feeder; were stopped No.1, No.2, No.3 belt, over a

certain time interval after stopping to ask valve dust device fan.
Closed the entire running motor by detecting switch control, electrical interlock, so that all devices in any one accident shut down will stop to the raw material silos. Silo

material material level reaches the upper or lower limit and an alarm.


Conveyor equipment selection factors Dust

Principles and characteristics of dust removal equipment due to a variety of different types of choice, but its collection efficiency, investment and maintenance costs, running

costs, system layout, structure, materials and space requirements are all different. For no experience in the use of special dust problem, and Metal detector for food equipment manufacturing

Manufacturers of filter selection process.
Factors affecting removal equipment selection
(1) dust concentration and particle size
Dust concentration in the air and the dust particle size range is large, can be 0.22 ~ 45g/ms dust concentration or higher, the average particle size difference (big or less

than the average) also varies with the material.
(2) the degree of removal required
Requirements dust depends on the study of specific issues, clean air after the dust is recycled or discharged directly into the atmosphere. Equipment to be considered in the

evaluation of the need for high efficiency, high cost of equipment such as electrostatic precipitators; efficient, medium-cost equipment such as dust bag

Or wet scrubbers and low-cost primary dedusting devices such as cyclones and so on. If at the outset that the first two precipitators consider any one, you may want to consider

associated with the main primary dust removal equipment.
Discharged outside through the dust after cleaning air, dust depends on device location, to compare the way different types of dust into the atmosphere and its amount of dust;

nature of the pollutant and the relevant laws and regulations requirements.
The number of fugitive dust affect device choice for a certain concentration of the gas, the greater the volume of emissions, requires greater the better dust removal equipment.

General equipment selection, require fugitive dust allowed to limit the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere to a minimum, reasonable construction investment and

Maintenance costs and the need to conform to the total air pollution provisions.
(3) the characteristics of flow
Airflow characteristics have a greater impact on equipment selection, weaving baghouse filter bag can only be used for a lower temperature of the air, over 80 degree heat flow

can not be used through the condensation of water vapor can cause dry dust dusty air produce agglomeration and clogging. Corrosive chemicals containing gas

Stream of dry dust bag and also cause corrosion of metal; the wet dust collector, when mixed with water will cause great damage.
(4) dust characteristic
Dust with the kind of features will also affect the choice of equipment, such as: dust particle size, shape and density will exclude certain types of dust; such as metal

polishing dust adhesion material bonded to the filter element may be blocked on Channel; chemical substances and dust components may be

With wet scrubbers or cause corrosion; abrasive materials at moderate or high concentrations will quickly wear metal surfaces; combustible powder materials required to select

safe precipitator.
(5) energy requirements
Performance can be achieved for all types of dust, they need to get to the total energy consumption of the possibility of an electrostatic precipitator for example, you can

choose low pressure drop, low power consumption to compensate for the high investment.
(6) Method of ash
Precipitator ash discharge method with materials, process equipment, and the amount of dust precipitator design changes. Dry dust ash can be continuously or intermittently

through the flap valve, rotating or flashing unloader valve discharge to a Airport conveyor or containers. Dry material may be generated when the precipitator ash soil secondary play

Flying problem.
Wet scrubber ash can be intermittent or continuous extrusion dewatering conveyor wing material or slurry. Although the discharged slurry is also processed, but the second dust

problems can be eliminated.

Silo discharge conveyor and material flow patterns

Silo unloader
The conservation and storage silo container material; hopper for supplying or discharging the containers. Silos and hoppers are usually fused, sometimes also attached to the

hopper feeder. The material discharged from the hopper main problem is how to control the output volume, and the material sent to a specific location. Therefore

Silo and hopper and feeder design choice is a corresponding relationship.
The role of both the container and hopper chute many different types of materials are generally downward along the unloading direction gradually decreases its cross-section of

the cone or pyramid. Hopper outlet can be directly connected with the feeder, sometimes in the hopper outlet installed and gates as a guide chute feeding device, depending on

the material

Performance and device requirements. Since the mechanical properties of bulk solid materials, liquidity and various changes to the material in the silo and the various problems

arising in the hopper, thereby increasing the material discharged from the hopper difficulties. For example, because the Power Roller Conveyor bridges and blocked outflow caused due to


Uneven pouring or segregation arising due to the feed and discharge changes occur in the order the results. If these phenomena exist, related to this subsequent processing

Conveyor System will be affected, but not normally play the original role, resulting in unexpected problems and difficulties. Property

This difficulty is partly born designer is not the material itself, the performance and the design of the hopper discharge considerations linked together, but sometimes due to

the performance of the material being processed unpredictable (eg differences in moisture content, silt thickness changes in adhesion and segregation is difficult to predict),


Tibet also have other difficulties too long. In this case, the solution depends on the hopper discharge method other difficulties auxiliary equipment, such as mechanical

agitation, gas discharge power, electricity and vibration.
Material flow within the silo of the type
In order to design an effective storage system, the designer must know the bulk solid materials in storage problems that may arise and flow. Are summarized as follows:
Does not flow. The solid material in the formation of a stable or a hollow cylinder of material arch (i.e. mousehole), resulting flow is stopped.
Irregular flow. Transiently formed in the solid material or material arch holes, some or all of the material overhead and then slump down.
Pouring. Become fluidized powder material containing gas in the silo outlet was uncontrollable pour discharge.
Segregation. Smaller particles of the material tend to particulate material in the gap between the larger drop, resulting in the different sections of the silo on the coarse and

fine particulate material accumulation, respectively.
Can not reach design capacity. Most of the material stored securely remain in the periphery of the mousehole, is not discharged, a die material.
Material deterioration. Some materials, such as silo residence time is too long, the material itself will decompose, lumps or oxidation, which is generally the first to enter

the material and the final unloading silo material flow caused by the order, there is still a result of the material clearance Some material not unloaded from the bottom of the


Warehouse material level. If the formation of holes, material level determined by the material discharged from the silo volume is difficult, warehouse storage capacity of the

material also imprecise it.
Insufficient flow. Material through the discharge port of the volume flow and storage of gravity of the material nature of the relatively large, the dried solid material flow,

close to the maximum theoretical value; powder, the surface of the solid sticky material, then at very low speeds the flow, the flow is very small.


Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying systems and other solid delivery systems, such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors and other vibrations and compare their advantages and disadvantages are as

 (A) Benefits
a. All solid conveying equipment and pneumatic conveying systems, pneumatic conveying systems may be small particles of solid material continuously conveyed the most suitable

method, also suitable for intermittently to large quantities of particulate material from the tanker, rail vehicles and cargo transported to silos .
b. Pneumatic conveying system designed for full use of space with excellent flexibility. Conveyor belt and transported in essentially only one direction, if you need to change

the direction of transport of materials or promotion, you must have a transit point and need to have a second separate conveyor to pick up

. Pneumatic conveyors can be up, down or around the building a large delivery of materials and equipment and other obstructions that can make up or avoid other duct space

occupied by the operating device.
c. Pneumatic conveying system used by a variety of solid material conveying pumps, flow distributor and the receiver is very similar to the fluid operation of the device, so

most pneumatic conveyors are easily automated by a center console operator. The operator can save the cost.
d. And other solid material handling methods, pneumatic conveyors fire and explosion risk is small, it has safety advantages. Complete pneumatic conveying system application can

save premiums because of reduced damage and fire hazard.
e. A design better pneumatic conveying systems often are clean and eliminate pollution of the environment. In the case of the vacuum conveying system, any leakage of air is

inward, vacuum and pressurized both devices are fully enclosed and sealed monomers can thus contamination of materials

Limited to a minimum. Dust control point should be the main feeder import and export of solid collector can be designed into a dust-free operation.
(2) Disadvantages
a. And other bulk solids material handling equipment compared to pneumatic conveying system power consumption higher fees (means and mechanical conveyor systems required per ton

of material transported highest power).
b. Use is restricted. Pneumatic conveying system can only be used to transport must be relatively dry, abrasive, sometimes need to be able to free-flowing materials. Typically,

if the end product not broken, the brittle, easy fragmentation of the product is not suitable for pneumatic roller conveyor.

Unless it is specially designed equipment, or hygroscopic and caking of material, it is inappropriate to use pneumatic conveying systems transport. Easily oxidized materials

suitable for conveying air, but can be recycled back with a gas inert gas instead of air. Because the pipeline, fans and other components

Contact with the material can easily be abrasive and damage.
c. Transmission distance is limited. So far, pneumatic conveying systems can only be used for relatively short transport distance, generally less than 3000 m. Design of long

transmission lines in the design of its main obstacle is the difficulties encountered along the pump station.
d. Small changes in material properties (such as bulk density, particle size distribution, hardness, angle of repose, abrasive resistance, explosion potential) can cause

operational difficulties.

Conveyor gates introduced species

Gates generally installed in the silo, tank or hopper bottom or side of the material is supplied through the gate into the next process Belt conveyor or loading trucks, rail vehicles

for Sinotrans. There are many gates suitable for handling coal, sand, gravel, gravel and other materials or in connection with similar materials.

Manufacture of materials and specifications gates wide range, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, etc. can be used.
1. Fan gate
Fan gate designs are generally installed in the bottom of the silo or hopper for screening off coal, gravel, crushed rock, gravel, ores and other similar materials.
2. Side fan gate
Side fan gate generally made of gray cast iron, suitable for coal, gravel, ore, gravel, crushed rock and other similar materials. A type gates are generally installed in the

bottom of the silo or hopper; B type gate silo or hopper mounted on the vertical side of the side openings.
3. Bidirectional fan gate
A type gates made from welded steel plate; B type gate made of gray cast iron. Bidirectional fan gate generally applicable chain conveyor material and fan gate is similar. A-type and B-type

linkage system operating machinery sector gear can quickly open the floodgates, and can release the lever by its own gravity can

Automatically close the gate. Consistent with two shutter moves, so only a small connecting rod can move the shutter is fully open. This gate bulk solids handling bagging,

weighing, and other similar operations bottom casting applications, for manual operation has a lot of advantages.
C-type gate is a bi-directional sector gear lever operated gate headroom can be minimized in the vertical space is limited, c-type gate particularly suitable. To save headroom

chute can be steeper slope, so that the structure of the economy.


Loader classification introduced

Loader can be divided into the following categories:
1 rake bucket loaders
Mainly by the harrow rake bucket loaders, winches, trolleys and feeders and other components. Plant by human action or other mechanical traction movement on the rail. Rake

traction rope from the top face of the rock pile digging rock ballast, along the trough dustpan mouth, connecting slots and intermediate tank shipped to unload slot

From the discharge port into the tub. Then, reverse traction rope and pulled back the scraper face rock heap. So on ad infinitum, until filled a tub.
2 Bucket Loader
Mucking begins, at a distance of 1-1.5m at the rock pile, put down the bucket, so close to the ground, start running gear, with the inertia of the bucket into the rock pile

operate simultaneously lifting mechanism, insert the edge of the bucket edge enhanced. Bucket is full, the running gear back, and continue to enhance the bucket, and shovel

Doo Doo arm welded together along the guide rail rolling turntable until the bucket back flip to the end position, shock absorbing, bucket rock thrown by means of inertia,

unloading into the connector on the rear of the machine mine car . After uninstalling, bucket by gravity and buffer spring reaction force from the unloading position

Back to the production installation location, while walking device and back to the machine and move forward toward the rock pile, rock pile bucket is inserted again, start the

next production cycle loading.
3 crab claw loaders
Crab claw loaders delineation by using electric power, electric hydraulic, and pneumatic four kinds of internal combustion. Mainly by the working bodies of crab claw, reproduced

agencies, travel agencies and their power units and other components. Machine work, first start truncactus work agencies and Metal detector for food, and manipulate the cylinder will

Shovel down the rock bottom of the heap, and then start the crawler, the machine slowly forward, so that the leading edge of shovel board gradually insert rock heap. At this

point, crab claw transported by a predetermined trajectory rake, shovel board landed crab claw into the rock residue was reprinted by the conveyor discharge port, transported by

the scraper chain

Mine car parked behind the machine or other transport equipment.
4 After the dump bucket loaders
After the dump bucket loaders by a working body, lifting mechanism, gyrus agencies, travel agencies and the steering mechanism and other components. Mucking begins, at a

distance of 1 ~ 1.5m at the rock pile, put down the bucket, so close to the ground, start running gear, with the inertia of the bucket into the rock pile, also open

Move the lifting mechanism, the bucket edge insertion side upgrade. Bucket is full, the running gear back, and continue to enhance the bucket, bucket and bucket arm welded

together along the guide rail rolling turntable until the bucket back flip to the end position, shock absorbing springs, bucket Rock With inertia

Sex thrown into the connector on the rear of the machine unloading mine car. After unloading, the bucket by its own weight and the reaction force of the buffer spring from the

unloading position to the loading shovel position, when the undercarriage and back to, and the machine forward toward the rock pile, rock pile bucket is inserted again, starting

the next shovel through

5 bucket loaders
Bucket loaders divided according to the overall structure of the machine, there is a direct unloading type, with automatic checkweigher type and ore storage bin type categories. Direct

Unloading egg bucket loaders by unloading can be divided into: rear dump, side dump and front detachable three.

Bucket elevator material reflux analysis

Bucket elevators in operation, if the downstream or upstream cylinder barrel has material from the nose section down shaking down, a phenomenon known as reflux. Reflux occurs

hoist to centrifugal discharge type mostly transportation of materials, mostly granule-like, there are small flakes or crushed powder mixture

. Material back too, will make the delivery of bucket elevators decline, food grain crushing rate increased. For large capacity hoist, also undermine the drive mechanism

components, such as burning motor, pull off the belt or the injection fluid coupling, which in any case are

Cause interruptions in production, resulting in economic losses.
Backflow caused by many factors, mainly the bucket elevator should discharge to analyze the situation. In the process of centrifugal discharge hopper wheel running around the

head and the tangential speed of the outer edge of the material within the hopper mouth of slip speed, determines the stripped material hopper instantaneous speed of the

direction of movement

. Furthermore, the full extent of the hopper, the hopper determines the starting time of discharge, and the discharge end time of day, it depends on the geometry of the hopper.

This shows that the material in the hopper head office after leaving the flight path, the influencing factors are: wire-speed hopper, hopper shape and materials

Properties. If the head cover can be made of all the flight envelope of the trajectory line, the hopper of the material can be stripped from the housing block, the discharge

port falls smoothly, it is non-contact type discharge. In most cases, taking into account the manufacturing costs, the head designed Metal detector for food to be relatively small, throw

Grazed machine head cover material discharge port toward the wall, which is oriented discharge. When the material is determined, whether a return, its determinants are: wire-

speed, bucket shape and nose shape. It also constitutes a bucket elevator design three elements.
With the construction of the development of the grain distribution, grain bucket elevator variety and volume also increased, while the return of the phenomenon also occurs. When

significant excess return, we must address Airport conveyor the main factors to take effective measures to solve them. Generally speaking, the hopper does not result

Caused by reflux and must be replaced hopper.


Transportation machinery Ball introduction

Evolved from the plug opening and closing member is a sphere, with the sphere around the torsion axis of the stem 90 ° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the main

valve for cutting off the pipe, and changing the direction of media flow distribution, imagine a V shaped opening of the ball also has good flow adjustment

Degree function.
(1) has the lowest flow resistance (theory 0)
(2) does not result in the obligation stuck (without lubricant) it can be reliably used in aggressive media and low boiling liquids;
(3) In the large pressure and  curve conveyor  temperature range, can be completely sealed;
(4) can be fast opening and closing, opening and closing times of certain structures only 0.05 to 0.1 in order to secure for the test bed automation system. Quick opening and

closing valves, domination no impact.
(5) spherical closure member can be automatically positioned on the location of the frontier;
(6) on both sides of the working medium in a reliable seal;
(7) In the fully open and fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, so the high dielectric top end of the valve does not cause corrosion of

the sealing surface;
(8) is compact, light weight, you can assume it piecemeal for cryogenic medium most reasonable valve structure;
(9) Body symmetry, especially welded body structure, can well withstand the stress from the pipe;
(10) Close parts can withstand the pressure differential.
(11) fully welded ball valve body can be buried in the ground, so that the valve inner parts from erosion, the maximum service life of up to 30 years, kerosene, natural gas

pipeline valve ideal.
(1) because the main valve seat ring material is PTFE, for almost all the flesh has a chemical is inert and has a low coefficient of friction, function fluctuations, not aging,

temperature and sealing performance  chain conveyor  for a wide range of excellent The analysis of the features. But PTFE

Physical characteristics, including a higher coefficient of expansion of the dull cold and poor thermal conductivity, pleading seat sealing imagination surround these

characteristics must stop. So, when the sealing material hardens, the reliability of sealing the destruction. And, PTFE temperature levels

Low, only less than 180 ℃ circumstances. Beyond this temperature, the sealing material will be aging. Consider the case of long-term use, usually only at 120 ℃ not used.
(2) its scheduling function with respect to the valve to be worse, especially pneumatic valve (or electric valve)

Positive pressure conveying system

    Positive pressure conveying system is a simple pneumatic conveying system most basic form. In this system the air (or gas) in the feed conduit rim blown bulk solid material,

and transported to the end of collection bin unloading. Such systems generally use the fan or blower blowing

Air or other gas, the maximum pressure of 101. 32kPa (760mmHg). Basically the air are blown from the blower pipes, bulk solid material is from the hopper or silo bottom join

pipelines, suspended in the air duct to the discharge point along the pipeline. Discharge point through

The material is often another, bucket or silos for material gravity sink to make gas-solid separation. This raises two fundamental questions, namely how to make the material

into the air transportation system, and how to end the separation of the material from the air. So use feeding equipment supply materials. There are several types of pipe

Road feeder will satisfy the conditions added material in the hopper in the pipeline, such as rotary feeder, screw feeder, Venturi tube feeding machines. All of these feeding

devices can be controlled at a certain speed, feed, and can be operated continuously.
    In pneumatic automated sorting machine system pipes discharge end of the separated material from the gas stream is typically used cyclone and baghouse to complete.
    In general, low pressure blower pressure system located in front of the entrance to the material, the material feeding machine by rotating the feed rate of the design was

fed. In the material discharge point of the material of dust cyclone can be simply separated material from the air, but in the air

At the exit to add rain cover. If using a large collection of materials or silo silo can be directly connected with the pipe, the air via a simple opening with a hood exhaust.
    In the case of a positive pressure system, particularly in the transport of toxic materials, material added to pipelines, dust removal equipment and acceptance of materials

on the hopper outlet pipe should adopt a special connection to prevent leakage into the environment. No regular feed gas pressure inside the pipe is produced

Fluctuations, and even make pipeline completely blocked. ¨ force feeder badly designed for hopper flow obstruction will produce the above phenomenon. Outlet clogged filters or

impede the flow of gas, will result in an increase in the partial pressure leak or cause changes in material flow systems.
    For handling dusty materials, requiring silo baghouse gas ... port settings, this dust in the form of a weekly ring flange receptacle person receiving material or unloading

materials silos top, filter out the dust directly into the silo. If the delivery system for the intermittent operation, the addition

Dust can be either single-chamber type rapping. If the operation must be continuous, can be compressed air pulse cleaning baghouse.
  . Positive pressure Turn conveyor system's main advantage is that it may have a plurality of discharge points, which can be used with the feed pipe and the use of cross-switching

valve to complete. Arranged in parallel, but not suitable for discharge, as to the leakage of air through the steering valve, such leakage amount of the total air required for

the system

Amount is higher.


Belt-site treatment

The treatment site is as follows:
1, automatic roller detuning
When the conveyor belt deviation range of small, you can place the belt deviation, installation aligning roller.
Spherical roller group has a variety of types, such as intermediate shaft type, four-link, vertical roller type, and so, the principle is the use of block or roller rotates in

the direction in the horizontal plane blocked or automatically generate horizontal thrust to the heart of the tape to adjust the tape deviation purposes. Generally shorter in

overall length, or belt conveyor belt conveyor bidirectional runtime using this method is more reasonable, because the shorter, easier deviation conveyor and not easy to adjust.   Heat Exchanger

And long better not take this approach, because the self-aligning roller group would use the service life of the tape have some impact.
For fixed belt conveyor, when the belt running, you can not move the idler position with ways to correct the deviation phenomenon, so in every segment overloaded conveyor idlers

10 groups set up a group of Rotary aligning roller trough, back to an empty segment every 6-8 group settings a set of parallel aligning roller.
2, unilateral edger detuning
Always deviation to the side conveyor, conveyor side of the deviation in the range of plus certain vertical roll, so that belt is reset. When the belt running across the side of

the vertical roller, vertical roller driven turret rotation, so that conveyor belt moves to the center, then the trough idlers and rollers also come swinging parallel, so that

the belt deviation is corrected come.  Metal detector for food
3, moderate tension detuning
When the conveyor belt Huzuohuyou, orientation to time, indicating belt is too loose, the tensioning device can be adjusted to eliminate the deviation.
4, adjusting drum detuning
Conveyor belt at the deviation of the drum, the drum is abnormal or traverse checking, adjusting the normal rotation of the drum to the horizontal position, eliminating the

Reversing drum drive pulley and belt deviation adjustment adjustment is an important part. Because at least a belt conveyor rollers 2 to 5, all the rollers must be perpendicular

to the installation location of the longitudinal direction of the conveyor centerline, if the skew is too large deviation inevitable. Adjustment Method and its group of similar

idlers. For the head drum as the drum belt deviation to the right, the right of the bearing should be moved forward, the left side of the tape deviation of the drum, the left

bearing housing should be moved forward, also the corresponding After moving the left or right side bearing housings after the shift. Rear roller adjustment method and the head

drum opposite. After repeated adjusted until the tape transferred to an ideal location. After adjusting drum driven or commutation best pre-install its exact location.
5, the correction of offset conveyor belt joint
Always a belt running direction, and the maximum deviation in the joints, fittings and conveyor belt can be corrected to eliminate the vertical midline deviation. Ie apart redo

6, padded roller detuning
Belt running direction, distance must be in the opposite direction deviation padded roller several groups, eliminate deviation.
7, adjusting idler detuning
Belt running direction must, examination revealed roller conveyor line and the center line is not perpendicular to the roller can be adjusted to eliminate the deviation.
8, to eliminate slime detuning
Conveyor deviation point unchanged found roller, roller adhesive slime, it is necessary to eliminate slime detuning.
9, the correction of offset feed
No deviation belt light load, heavy deviation, adjust the feed weight and location, eliminating the deviation.
10, the correction of offset bracket
Belt running direction and position fixing, severe deviation, adjust the horizontal and vertical brackets, remove deviation.

How to buy loaders

Loader is loading the soil, gravel, coal-based materials, such as comprehensive a large, medium and small multi-purpose high-efficiency construction machinery for mines, ports,

infrastructure, road construction and other operations, widely used factories, railway stations, docks, garages, warehouses and other working conditions. For loaders users, in

order to obtain higher yields, reduce investment risk, in the purchase of a product when you can not only consider the price factor, but should be weighed against many, Metal detector for food

according to different uses and the spirit of "good enough, easy to use "and" get the most comprehensive income "principle to buy.
1 according to the amount of work to determine the corresponding rated load loader
How much load loader loader users to buy in order to achieve best value for money, they have the spirit of the principles of practical enough, according to the amount of work to

determine. That is not too large nor too small, too big wasteful, too small, not enough to use.
For road construction jobs and large coal mines, because of the heavy workload, the work cycle is longer, more spacious working environment, with the support of transport

machinery are more than 10 tons deadweight, then you should select 5 tons or 6 tons load weight loaders, which can improve operational efficiency, reduce construction costs. For

a relatively small amount of work situations, such as earth, sand and other general selectable 3 tons or 4 tons deadweight product, especially for a small amount of work, such

as some small individual gravel pits, supporting the vehicles are generally for small tractors , 1.5 tons or less general choice of products in order to avoid excess capacity   automatic checkweigher

loader operation, so as to achieve economic and practical purposes. This loader higher degree of component commonality, so it is also more convenient maintenance.
(2) determine the appropriate working condition according to driving speed loaders
For denser ore, solid original soil or loose material such as low density soil, coke, etc., because of its different operating conditions, select the loader also has a greater

For those solid original soil, ore and other large density of the material, due to traction (Insertion Force) require a higher operating speed should be selected lower breakout

force and traction are larger products to ensure normal use. Because of loose material on the loader traction (insertion force) do not ask, you can choose products with higher

driving problem to get higher operating efficiency. As a result of the different media, many companies have launched a working medium for a particular purpose-built products.


Vertical screw conveyor transporting ash Problems and Solutions

Fly ash also known as fly ash, pulverized coal combustion flue gas by the dust collector collection and processing sediments, it is a good building material, widely used in

recent years gradually, recovered a large amount of thermal power plants.
Vertical screw conveyor is an enclosed vertical transport of materials capable, small footprint, high productivity transportation machinery. Fly ash is a means for conveying.

However, in actual use, there are still some serious problems, such as risk material, vibration, stuck, transmission parts damaged.
1 vertical screw conveyor conveying mechanism
Vertical conveyor screw speed is to rely on the proper role of the material caused by the centrifugal force on the particles and the resulting friction force generated on the

wall and for movement, when the screw is rotated at a constant angular velocity, the spiral surface of the material on their own inertia, starts slipping along the spiral  Turn conveyor

surface, and gradual acceleration, if overcome the friction of the helical surface, the material in the wall under the effect of centrifugal force moves the increased pressure

acting on the wall, on the wall a greater frictional force, as the result of the action of friction, deceleration near the pipe wall material, and the helical surface relative

motion, so that the upward migration of part of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of transporting up.
(2) the material properties of coal ash
Fly ash is an easily inflated, will absorb, compaction, even produce a strong adhesion of the material, when it is inflated to a certain extent, there will be fluidized,

excellent mobility, can simply as dilute as free flowing slurry, when it is after a period of storage and natural compaction, mobility in general, and even tend to flow

difficulties, a typical angle of repose of 42 ° ash, moving the angle of repose of 30 °, if the belt conveyor conveyor, the inclination of up to 20-25 degrees, it is in the  portable conveyor

case of long-term storage, can lose its loose and gathered into a group, and will produce adhesive, when it and other building materials such as cement, lime, etc. Wong

material, add water while stirring with a strong cohesive force, can be directly used as building material.
3 vertical screw conveyor structure
Power transmitted to the screw shaft by the belt, the screw shaft rotates clockwise, right-handed spiral blade generally, spaced intermediate bearing to ensure concentricity of

the screw shaft and motion smoothness. The following paragraph at the bottom of the spiral and leave some space to compensate for each section spirochete heat elongation. Helix

diameter and pitch designed according to international standards, the general pitch diameter D s with equal or equal 2/3xD. Vertical screw conveyor has two feed types, one is

the gravity feed type, another type of forced feed, respectively, for good mobility, poor density and flowability, low density materials.
Vertical screw conveyor conveying ash is difficult because there is a certain group
Fly ash is not suitable for materials with a vertical screw conveyor. Fly with a vertical screw conveyor elm send some difficulties, mainly due to:
(A) a special material properties of fly ash, the transport mechanism of the vertical screw conveyor difficult to achieve. Of fly ash in the recovery process, the purified flue

gas dust collector heat emitted into the atmosphere from the chimney to, but deposition on the precipitator ash hopper, the discharge temperature of 80-120 degrees, in inflated

state, completely fluidized. Then if a vertical screw conveyor transport, because the material internal friction is small, some still in the suspended state, you can not rely on

the spiral blade, blade friction material and small, can not play a role in its centrifugal force, it is not in a vertical spiral the delivery conveyor mechanism to work, it is

difficult vertical transport. Storage time after a Yin fly ash, through natural compaction and transport shock, with the typical characteristics of fly ash, a larger angle of

repose, poor mobility, prone to bagging or agglomerate binder, in order to make it flow better , sometimes filled with a certain amount of gas, the amount of control if

inflation is not good, but also easy to make the material fluidization. Especially in open dumps long-term storage of fly ash, a large adhesion, moisture content is higher,

easily bonded on the leaves, but also more difficult to use the vertical screw conveyor transport.
(2) vertical screw conveyor generally have intermediate bearings, bearing deep in the middle of the material, the fly ash is a very fine, medium abrasive materials, pervasive,

despite bearing seals, nor qualified long-term poor working conditions, are easily damaged, affecting the life of the vertical screw conveyor.
In summary, the use of fly ash conveying the existence of vertical screw conveyor difficult, but if you solve the following problems with vertical screw conveyor ash or

(1) fully aware of fly ash is an easy inflatable was fluidized material during transportation should avoid excessive inflation, to prevent the material fluidized ensure vertical

screw machine to achieve its delivery mechanism, in order to ensure its design throughput.
(2) In accordance with the vertical screw conveyor design allows the temperature of the material used, the general material temperature should be controlled below 80 ℃.
(3) Do not fly long open dumps, there must be proof measures to prevent caking material, gathered into a group.
(4) Improved intermediate bearing structure, enhance the sealing function, to improve their working conditions, and increased life expectancy.
(5) to open the top of the silo discharge hole, the hole diameter than the diameter of the vertical screw conveyor is 1-2 times.
(6) To set the limit feeding device, to ensure continuous and uniform feeding.
(7) In addition to debris screens have to remove the hard iron and easy to wound the ropes.


Board chain bucket elevator backstop

Board chain bucket elevator, conveyor chains for the bush roller chain, induced gravity unloading, for a variety of powder, bulk material particles vertical lifting. Widely used

in coal preparation gangue, coal, washed coal transportation, dehydration, dehydration is indispensable transport equipment. It has many

1. Enhance a wide range
Such hoist types of materials, characteristics and requirements of the degree block less; enhance powder, granular and bulk materials; enhance the abrasive material; may elevate

temperature <250 degrees high temperature materials.
2 large transmission capacity, low energy consumption
Such improved machine into the feeder, gravity induction discharge, and the use of intensive large-capacity hopper conveyor arrangement, low-speed chain to enhance the capacity,

almost no recycled materials and, therefore, drive power is small.
3 high lifting height
Such low-speed chain hoist, smooth operation, and the use of high-strength wear-resistant chain plate chain, so up to a higher lifting height.
Good sealing, reliable operation, less environmental pollution.
4 Easy to operate
Less maintenance, less wearing parts.
5 small mechanical dimensions
The amount of boost with the same other types of hoist, this type of mechanical hoist smaller.  Metal detector for food
First, the problems
Heavy duty bucket elevators in operation, and sometimes there will inevitably be heavy due to failure stop, or even cut insurance sales, then it will cause a reverse run of the

phenomenon (commonly known as "Fanzuo"). Fanzuo scoop bucket and the bottom will not put away the material between the collision, can easily result in improved

Machine scoop bucket deformation, serious damage can not make use of bucket scoops.
Two, cause analysis
Bucket elevator in normal operation, the upper scoop bucket is filled with material from the lower run up over the top of the nose after relieved materials. When heavy parking

phenomenon, under the action of gravity, spoon full of material bucket will run down the speed from slow gradually accelerate, and to fight with spoon

No special protection against reverse running is caused by Fanzuo accident. Manufacturers design and manufacture of equipment considered only in the empty load condition device

does not reverse, because of the lower than the upper bucket scoops two more, that is heavier than the top. But taking into account the heavy load on

Bucket filled with material layer spoon after spoon lower than the heavy fighting in the state park on the easy formation of heavy-duty bucket elevator Fanzuo. This is a design

Third, the development of backstop  Automatic Sorting Machine
Spoon and plate chain bucket tightly together, and with the movement of the moving plate chain. Plate chain roller chain plate through the sleeve of a one linked together, from

beginning wheel drive, with the scoop bucket upward from low to achieve the purpose of transportation of materials. Backstop backstop device consists of rod, shaft, return

spring, positioning

Pin and other components. When lifting the machine during normal operation, check the sleeve carom upward swing lever is in the return spring to the whereabouts of the elastic

force, has been under a sleeve carom upward swing, and so does not affect the normal operation of equipment ; reverse occurs if the hoist operation, locating pin

The backstop lever block, it is no longer downward swing, and turn the sleeve backstop lever block the entire bucket chain can not reverse operation. Bucket elevator early

reverse running within a few seconds, the initial speed is very slow, so the backstop pole blocking sleeve to the impact force is not large.
The device is designed to be simple and practical, easy production, low cost, not only for the board chain bucket elevators, and can used in a variety of similar equipment

protection does not allow reverse operation, easy to promote.

Belt conveyors Handling Precautions

Before running the belt conveyors, belt conveyors first to confirm that the equipment, personnel, is transported goods are in safe intact state; Second, check all moving parts

of the normal no foreign body, check all electrical wiring is normal, normal to the belt conveyor put into operation. Final

To check the supply voltage and the device does not exceed the difference between the rated voltage ± 5%.
Put the belt conveyor running, you must do the following:
1 Close the main power switch, check the device power is being fed properly and the power indicator is lit. To normal after the next step.
2 Close the power switch on each loop, check whether it is normal. Under normal conditions of: device does not operate, belt conveyors running light is not on, inverter and

other equipment, power indicator light, the inverter display panel shows the normal (no fault code is displayed).  food metal detector
3 in accordance with the process starts all electrical equipment in turn, starting on a normal electrical equipment (motors or other equipment has reached the normal speed, the

normal state) and then the next one electrical device startup.
4 the operation of the belt conveyor, conveying articles must be designed to comply with the requirements of items comply with design capacity of the belt conveyor. Secondly, we

must pay attention to all categories of personnel not touch the moving parts of the conveyor belt, non-professionals are not free to contact with electrical components, control

buttons, etc.

. Finally, in the belt conveyor can not run after the class of the inverter circuit, such as the identification of maintenance needs, you must stop the inverter in case of

operation, otherwise it may damage the drive.  Pharmaceutical metal detector
5 conveyor belt running stop, press the stop button when the system only after a full stop off the power.

The feed screw feeder seal device

Biomass is the most widely used on Earth material, biomass is an important area of ​​application of biomass gasification. Circulating fluidized bed gasification is a major biomass

gasification technology, which is the basic principle feedstock gasification in a fluidized state. Biomass burning in the lower part of the bed,

The upper part of the bed gasification, carbon particles blown collected by various separation down, back to the bed gasification cycle. The technology for fuel adaptability,

gasification temperature is lower, and the large-scale continuous production. Circulating fluidized bed gasification technology in recent years has been the rapid development

and application.
Looking abroad circulating fluidized bed gasification plant, the raw material feeding device is always flawed, the most important is the feeder sealing problems. Positive

pressure circulating fluidized bed system, in order to prevent leakage of air flow inside the furnace, you must cut off the feeder connected with the outside world. Usually do

Method is to use the feed to seal off the wind, but the effect is poor. Here straw as raw material, the application of material sealed screw feeder device solved the problem of

feeding seals.  food conveyor
First, the screw feeder material sealed principle
Screw feeder is installed in the center axis of the helical segments, the shaft and the helical segments in a fixed rotation within the housing, with the function of a

mechanical device to transport raw materials. When changing the pitch of the helix or spiral path, the transmission capacity of the feeder will change, through the transmission

capacity feeder

Changes in the raw material accumulation within the feeder, which play a role in sealing material, which is material sealed.
Spiral material sealed feeder (also known as material sealed auger) has the following features.
1 screw feeder transport distance is short, usually no more than 3m;
2 screw feeder for mobility, non-tacky or sticky little or no pondering pondering the nature of small powder granular materials, raw material particle size generally less than

50mm, the moisture content does not apply to large, hard, pondering of the great and highly viscous materials;
3 screw feeder is a relatively closed system, transmission capacity is relatively small, the power consumption is relatively large.
Second, the screw feeder basic form of seal material
1 tapered spiral feeder
Tapered spiral feeder is in a certain period in the shaft diameter or pitch screw feeder diminishing. When taking a certain value, these two forms of transmission capacity

feeder is reduced, but the raw material into the feeder throughput is certain. When the material is to a certain extent the backlog,  mine conveyors

Voids between the particles of raw materials will be gradually reduced to a certain extent when the gap is narrow, it will cut off the outside of the feeder and ventilation, so

that to achieve the purpose of sealing.
2 Disconnect the spiral feeder
Disconnect the spiral feeder is removed in a certain period in the axis of the spiral chip conveyor while it declined sharply in the feeder, the feeder this form and tapered

sealing principle type feeder, like, the difference the material handling capability.
Third, the analysis and discussion
Take 3 different granularity, hardness and elasticity of materials, such as corn stalks (20-40mm), peanut shells, rice husk powder (0.1-1mm), to prepare a current tester,

blowers, and grouping experiments, corresponding current, length, and the sealing performance (room temperature only

Sealing performance).
Sealing screw feeder structures, there are many, the principle is basically the same, are transported by reducing the amount of raw materials played a role in the backlog, so as

to achieve the purpose of sealing. But their structure is relatively complex, processing difficulties, maintenance inconvenience.
1 Seal screw feeder design difficulty is necessary to ensure sealing, but also to ensure smooth transportation of raw materials, which are mutually contradictory problems.

Meanwhile, the different materials required for sealing the length of the seal segments may also vary widely, but also because even if the same particle size as a raw material,

changes in humidity and other factors,

The sake of change. To design a rational sealing screw feeder should be based on the theoretical analysis, combined with a large number of experiments to determine a reasonable

(2) For the circulating fluidized bed is recommended to choose the middle disconnect type screw feeder, first, because of its good sealing effect, the fluidized bed of the

powder material is particularly suitable: two because the feeder middle seal segments in the pipeline , thus reducing the material temperature of the internal temperature of the


Rod-type feeder and feeder introduction of commissioning and maintenance

Rod-type feeder is a new feeder, in the production process, can the massive, granular materials from storage silos in uniform, regular, continuous given to the affected device

in the gravel production line crushing machinery for continuous uniform feeding, and coarse screening material, widely

Used in metallurgy, mining, electricity, building materials, chemicals, machinery and other industries crushing and screening operations.
GZT Series rod vibration feeder has five specifications for crusher evenly before feeding bulk materials. Particularly suitable for ferrous or nonferrous ores, building stone

crushing feed before use.  industrial belt conveyor
1 working principle and structural characteristics
GZT Series Vibrating Feeder new vibration motor, the series vibrating feeder for coarse crusher evenly before feeding, and because of the role of bar screen surface, but also to

get rid of dirt and other fine materials, reaches a pre-screening the function can be improved crushing capacity.
The new series of vibrating feeder motor or exciter excitation, frame ring groove rivet, manganese steel manufacturing guard and rods, solid structure, high strength, impact

resistance, abrasion resistance, easy maintenance.
2.GZT Series Feeder rod style of the structure analysis
GZT Series rod vibration feeder by a rotatable disc, guide sleeve and the blade materials and other components. The material within the hopper through the guide sleeve material

deposited on the disc with wear-resistant liner disc rotation, the material scraped by the scraper feed. Regulating blade location or level of material guide sleeve can be

changed  material handling conveyor

Variable feeding amount. Disc diameter generally 3 meters below the speed does not exceed 10 rev / min. Disc feeder smooth and reliable operation, adjust the feeding amount is

more convenient, less energy consumption, but the structure is more cumbersome for smaller sticky powder granular materials.
Some of the feeder from the housing and impeller components. This feeder relatively simple structure, small size, light weight, feeding when closed, good for small size and

powdered materials. Casing, the bottom of the inlet and outlet ports, respectively, and silos, by feeding equipment connections. Wheel about a horizontal axis

Material falling into the impeller rotates between the cells in each chamber, with the impeller rotation by a half weeks after discharge into the feeding equipment. Equalizing

pipe can enter the feed zone to go before the high-pressure chamber vent grid, in order to avoid the feeding area can not feed. Impeller diameter of 500 mm below normal, the

speed does not exceed 45 rev / min.

How to debug and maintain vibrating feeder
Since the principle of the feeder is relatively simple, so long as the principle of control over their work and structure, under the guidance of the theory, combined with

practical maintenance experience will be able to do a good job of electromagnetic vibrating feeder maintenance and debugging. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a more complete

dual particle orientation bomb forced vibration

Of the system. The entire system operates at low critical resonance, its simple structure, stable, power loss is small, widely used in the cement industry, but for now the use

of some units of view, there are more common improper maintenance, work status is unstable, the use of After a period of time

Delivery of materials decreased significantly and other issues. Plus not correct commissioning after maintenance, resulting in poor stability of the equipment, which seriously

affected the normal production.
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder adjustment, debugging mainly electromagnet core gap adjustment, dual particle spring plate connected group of adjustment, debugging.
Air gap between the electromagnet and the armature core tuning
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder air gap between the core and the armature directly affects the size of the normal operation of the feeder, such as improper adjustment of the

light so that the current increase, the amplitude decreases and can not operate normally, severe collisions will produce core The resulting damage to the core and the coil. So

frequent on the gas

Check and adjust gap is an important condition to ensure operation.
Connect dual particle group to adjust the spring plate
Amplitude of the trough there are two factors: First, the feeder electromagnetic exciting force size, frequency, the second is the feeder's own natural frequency. According to

mechanical vibration resonance principle known only when the feeder with the natural frequency of the excitation frequency close to the electromagnet resonance when the

amplitude of the trough

Dual particle method for adjusting the spring plate group: adjustment of the machine to the air gap adjustment is completed, you can start to adjust the stiffness of the spring

plate group. Loosen overhaul screw, connected to control power, a gradual increase in operating current at the same time, observed in the amplitude of the electromagnetic

vibrating feeder signs

The indicated value. When the current reaches its maximum, and reach maximum amplitude can be set on the top of the spring plate screws slightly loose, then as the amplitude

increases, the current decline, then the spring stiffness is too large, should reduce reed the number of blocks to reduce the stiffness. Instead it should increase the number of


To enhance the overall stiffness. Short as long as the adjustment can be repeated carefully tuned to achieve the best value is to determine the role of the amplitude of

vibration signs point vibration amplitude, measured two lines dividing point is the value of the amplitude values.

Feeder maintenance and operation instructions

1 feeder need to check in the course of the following
(1) Check the shaker feeder and amplitude, the amplitude must not exceed the feeder design limits.
(2) Check the main vibration rubber spring for cracks.
(3) Check the isolator springs for cracks.
(4) Check the fastening bolts are loose.
(5) Check the motor operation is abnormal sound.
2 feeder early running within a week, must be checked daily and tighten the connecting bolt, a week later, you can check and tighten every other day once, until the device is

running stable.
3 motor repair and maintenance instructions for use by the motor.
4 Practice Feeder
(1) Installation and vibrating feeder motor wiring, to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, in order to avoid power accident occurred after the personnel and equipment to  Pipe conveyor

confirm the entire bolt, reliable grounding device before boot.
(2) feeder load running time should not be too long, less than 30 minutes after the shutdown, to all the bolts once, later to be regularly checked and found loose fastening

timely, vibration motors and equipment to ensure a firm connection.
(3) When the adjustment to the quantity, can be carried out by the following method.
a. adjustment to increase the vibration motor excitation force.
b. hanging length adjusting tank, the tank along the feed direction tilted down, the tilt angle is usually the case within the range from 0 to -140, according to the natural

angle of repose of the material to the principle of material does not automatically run.  industrial conveyor

How to make tube feeder uniform emission from the flat-bottomed silos bulk solids

Most of the world industrial sector should be carried out bulk solids storage and handling. These operations the system plays an important role, and thus they should be

efficient and economical. Powder and bulk solids Branch during transport, accompanied by mixing, blending, grinding, fluidization

And so on.
From the storage structure (silo) nesting often problematic. Powder at the outlet of the silo will Chengke arch or bridge, so that the feed stream is interrupted. Sometimes, the

powder formed in the silo unloader central sulcus. This is called funnel flow silo, the silo of the material stored in the material flow depends on the pressure head. As

If the silo pressure head is insufficient, the material flow deteriorated even stop, so that the material stored in the silo in the central branch grooves becomes bore, usually   Telescoping conveyors

called rat hole. Silo generate mouse hole, actually make subsequent job completely stopped, brought the cost is very large.
On the other hand, it may be designed such that the powder hopper on any uniform flow cross section. This flow pattern is called the group stream. Determines the general shape

of material flow angles of the walls of the funnel. If this angle is steeper than the critical value, then the group flow, otherwise, is funnel flow.
Few group flow silo high volumetric efficiency, and the problems are often indiscriminately natural ignorance. Therefore, the industrial sector still seems to want to use a high

volumetric efficiency funnel flow silo. In fact, the highest volumetric efficiency is flat-bottomed silos, but the condition is to be able to completely empty silo. Tube to

Feeder hopper used in conjunction with this, you can receive the best results.
A common illnesses
Most of the required performance stable process, so the system should be designed to meet the above requirements. To powder and bulk solids segregation, for example, joining the

silo, the material will depend particle size distribution. If using central feeding device, the heap will analyze large particles when rolled edge silo

And small are concentrated in the middle. If in this case the use of a funnel flow silo, the discha rge will first of the fine, the rear output and large, the discharged powder
uneven quality of the final product will change.  gravity skatewheel conveyor
On the other hand, if the group flow branch positions, then the powder discharged from the silo entire cross-section, so that the segregation of the material remix.
On the silo, especially for group flow branch positions, designed feeder or the exhaust branch equipment is expensive. Because the design of this machine should make the whole

to a feed hopper outlet in order to maintain a uniform activation of the material flow, in this case, the material stored in the silo positive effect on the feed unit.

Naturally, should be designed

Large motor to overcome this peak load. Peak load is caused by the stress distribution in the powder, called the living area or peak stress caused. There are several ways this

can be changed to the arched stress stress zone area. Determine the peak load is not an easy task, in most cases

The motor feeder is designed to give bigger. If the design of the motor is too small, feeder the fault is common.
On the other hand, the powder hopper change form feed stream is also very common. While hordes of silo can design flow, but after the placement of the feeder hopper funnel form

part of the material flow is not necessarily the group flow mode. Powder not start with the front end portion of the discharge hopper funnel, is from the rear

Discharge stream longer group flow. This often results in the formation of rat hole in the warehouse compound, material flow tends to funnel flow. To remedy this situation, we

must consider the feeder hopper and the matching problem, so that the whole system to a whole work. As described below, and tube feeding function in a whole new way

Bulk solid materials to solve problems drag material.
Second, when the silo wall material flow stress
When the bin is full first, then only the discharge, the material flow stress zone created in the cylinder walls. The material flow stress level depends on the size of the

number of material flow patterns and the aspect ratio of the silo. If the material flow patterns slight contraction, the general will stress increases. If the aspect ratio of>

5, the effective transition

Upper part of the deformation energy can follow Jenike theory or group flow hopper design Janssen theory.
Third, the experimental station
Test rig is mounted on a tubular silo feeder. Silo diameter 3.9m, height 1m (if necessary be increased to 3.5m). Tube feeder is located at the bottom of the silo, the captain

1.95m, diameter 0.324m.
A series of pipes called "active device" Slots, Slots flow of material through the tube, the length of these slots to a gradual increase around the silo, which is for the powder

to a uniform cross-section along the flow of the entire silo considered . Tube with screw conveyor used to transport the material hopper

Heart. Located in the bottom center of the silo chute, conveyor belt into the material.
Tube around its own axis only and to be swept at the same time turn the silo. Tube has two drives, one for rotation about its own axis, and one for lateral movement of the

entire section on the bottom of the silo swept rpm. In addition, the screw conveyor has its own drives. Driving

The gear device in the silo center, and drive means itself in the side of the feed chute.
Tubular Division machine to be used in conjunction with axisymmetric silo can well solve many bulk solid materials transported operational problems. Tube feeding function from a

silo or funnel flow trough plane of the carriage of bulk solids.
1 uniform drag material
For bulk solids silos to achieve uniform drag material. Currently, the group is in need of a uniform flow silo drag material that will group flow hopper with belt or screw

feeder, etc. combined and achieve uniform drag material is very difficult, unless the feeder and hopper outlet junction Make the appropriate design, but

This issue silos and tube feeder can be solved with the use.
(2) Minimum segregation
Uniform material also means less drag segregation problem, namely to reduce the powder particle size by separating went to the warehouse wall to avoid the rough and fine focus

on the feed point. With the central segregation in the feeding point is common.
3 crushed less
Because the tube is smooth, while rotating the tube with the surrounding solid material than the dynamic friction screw feeder is small, so transportation is not severe pellets,

ground less.
4 high energy efficiency
Energy required for transporting bulk solids than the corresponding screw feeder is much less, saving about 70%.
5 rows of uniform quantity
Powder can be stably discharged from the hopper, discharge quantity by changing the rotational speed of the pipe to be controlled. Optimum sweep speed of the tube taken about

the slot geometry Shaanxi; for a given combination of materials and the slot shape, the optimal sweep speed should be constant.


Transportation machinery loader transmission and steering system structure principle

1 Transmission
(1) Transmission
Transmission by the torque converter and the transmission of two parts. One end of the torque converter and diesel engines, transmissions directly connected to the other end of this compact, reliable connection, is currently the most used wheel loaders at home and abroad, the most common type of connection. There are other transmission of

A whole and Diesel split, or directly connected to the converter and diesel engine and gearbox split, between the drive shaft connection. Incline Belt conveyor
The gearbox has a forward, one back two planetary line, plus a direct block (II block), a total of two forward, one back three blocked. Simple structure, less gear, the full realization of the single-lever control. Converter has two turbines, two turbines directly to the gearbox input shaft (gear),

Light-load speed of each gear state. A turbo is only transmitted through clutch gearbox input shaft, when the respective gear torque increase, the speed is reduced to clutch when combined with two turbines to work at the same time, the corresponding block of low speed high torque state, all this is away from the beyond

By the speed of the low clutch automatic. In fact, the transmission has four forward gears, 2 reverse gear, because each block has a high-speed automatic transmission. Therefore, the transmission in this area has shown its advantages, more than ordinary multi-gear transmission control lever operated better performance. Flat belt conveyor

But it also has a very major drawback, double turbine torque converter efficiency than the simple three components of the torque converter is low, the power loss is large. The current fixed-shaft gearbox yet the use of electronic technology, are more common rod manipulation.
(2) drive axle
Drive axle from the front axle, rear axle components. Because loaders require large traction, so are modern wheel loader axle drive axle. Front axle mounted directly on the front frame, rear axle swinging bridge, through the sub-frame is connected to the rear frame. Modern wheel loaders basically using hinges

Fit steering, so in addition to front and rear axle spiral bevel gears in the main drive to the different spin, the other parts are all common. Third generation appeared in the center rear axle swing, no longer used subframe and rear frame with swing frame and connected to the emergence of the rear axle housing and the main drive bay and front axle nowhere

With the remaining pieces still with the front axle completely generic.
China's current drive axle wheel loaders are basically using the whole axle, full floating axle, with the main drive and two wheel drive axle gear. The main drive is generally used a spiral bevel gear, wheel generally used planetary wheel reduction.
(2) Steering System
At present, China has been widely used wheel loader fully hydraulic steering system. ZL50 Wheel Loader because greater weight, for the manipulation of light, are generally full hydraulic flow amplification steering system.
Does not appear to fully hydraulic ago, China's first generation ZL50 wheel loader all using recirculating ball screw nut steering valve directly driven mechanical steering system, and a follower rod with mechanical feedback. The system with hydraulic steering systems, steering force and hydraulic pressure loss are more

Large, and relatively poor reliability. So now has largely been replaced by full hydraulic steering.
Steering with a large displacement normal full hydraulic steering system, more than recirculating ball screw nut better performance, but steering bulky, still not as good as with flow amplifying valve system is superior, therefore, has gradually been eliminated. There is a new coaxial flow amplified steering system. With a small row

Volume hydraulic steering gear, specially modified design, can play the role of the amplifier. This system not only plays fully hydraulic flow amplification system function, but also reduce a flow amplifying valve, superior performance, simple structure and low cost. Currently coaxial flow amplifier because there are still some

Issues to be resolved, therefore not widely used. However, the direction of development, the coming of this coaxial flow amplification steering system (available with or without priority system) may be replaced by other fully hydraulic steering system.

Belt condition monitoring system, part of component design

Conveyor during operation often fails, affecting delivery system stable and reliable operation. In order to find as soon as possible and remove belt failure, you want to belt conveyor line monitoring of running status. In the traditional monitoring system, monitoring software is usually caused by

VB, VC + + written in other languages, which requires not only engineering and technical personnel have a high level of programming, but also to put a lot of development time, enabling the development efficiency and maintainability of the system is restricted; addition, the system interface is simple and achieve fewer features, is far from full

Foot modern automated monitoring systems. Plastic belt conveyor
The system is capable of running real-time monitoring of belt conveyor. Real-time display the current running conveyor speed, temperature, throughput and material accumulated weight, etc.; also be able to over-speed conveyor belt, less speed, skidding, deviation over temperature and other abnormal conditions and make real-time processing. The Department

The hardware system consists ics-30 series belt weigher, JCPP-I-type deviation switches, temperature sensors and signal conditioning circuits, PCL-818L data acquisition card and PC machines. In this system, each of the signal detecting means to collect data acquisition card PCL-818L in the data acquisition

Set Card PCL-818L with power control for each channel corresponding variables linked database, unified management by the power control is given parts of the system operating parameters, operating trends, reports, and alarm events. When there is abnormal phenomenon occurs, the system can be run under the belt conveyor rubber belt conveyor

Requirements, make the appropriate action, automatically cut off the motor control circuit so that the conveyor is stopped.
1.ics-30 series belt weigher
ics-30 series by a belt scale weighing bridge (including load cell), gun system (including speed sensor) and the totalizer three major components. The basic working principle is:
(A) supporting the bridge load cell and said idler detect the weight of material on the belt, belt load produces a proportional electrical output signal;
(2) speed sensor directly connected to the end of the large diameter roller or drum speed, generates a series of pulse signals, each representing a length of the belt speed, the length of the pulse is proportional to the belt speed, when the belt slip or break, the tail drum speed occurs speeding or under speed now

Like, the tail pulley by monitoring changes in speed can be timely and accurate understanding of the belt is slipping or broken, when the tail pulley rotation speed exceeds or falls below a preset value, the device can automatically shut down or alert, so can effectively prevent various accidents

(3_ Totalizer belt speed and belt load will either signal totalizer with integral method, and converted into engineering units selected, the display shows the current throughput, respectively, and the total throughput.
2.JCPP-I-type deviation switch
Deviation switch by detecting the conveyor belt during operation to offset state signaled automatically to achieve conveyor deviation alarm and automatic shutdown feature to prevent tilting conveyor offset the material spilled. The lateral displacement of the conveyor belt deviation will produce vertical roller deflection

By the vertical roller deflection angle to determine the switching output signal a few levels. When the conveyor slight deviation angle of deflection of the vertical roll ≥ 12 degrees, the switch output an alarm signal; serious deviation when the conveyor belt so that the vertical roll deflection angle ≥ 30 degrees, the switch output two stop signal. Deviation open

Off the drive roller pairs mounted between the rollers and the end of three positions, the general length of the belt mounting three pairs of 100m appropriate.
3.PCL-818L data acquisition card
PCL-818L data acquisition card is a high-performance multi-function data acquisition card, it is PC-based ASI bus structure. The board provides 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog inputs, 16 digital inputs and outputs, 12 should be A / D converter can be achieved 100kHz sampling rate. 16 die

Intended input voltage range: Bipolar ± 0.625V-± 10V; unipolar 0V-10V. Programmable gain for each input channel, 16-channel digital input and output with TTL level compatible. In this system, the use of PCL-818L data acquisition card, four analog inputs, respectively achieved

Current speed on the conveyor belt, the current temperature, the current throughput and material accumulated weight, etc. 4 analog signal acquisition; utilize six digital input points respectively, to achieve a switch on the deviation signal and two alarm alarm signal acquisition ; with a digital output point to control belt transmission

Sending machine drive motor control circuit relays.